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Air Mattress Expert

My name’s Susan Oliver and I can now comfortably say according to how many air mattresses that I have bought in the last 4 years that I am an expert. I consider myself pretty good with finding quality air mattresses, definitely better than most.

But I’ll admit something: it took a lot of trial and error.

A lot of it.

For the most part of my life as a mother and wife, I have had to make sure that I stay within our family budget, but at the same time, find those quality items that last for a long time.

And it’s only been within the last 6 months or so, that I have discovered the raised air mattress with a built-in electric pump.

I have always tried to make use of the space in our modest home that now holds our family of 7 – WOW – yea, that’s right I have 5 beautiful children. In fact, I have 3 grand children at this point and counting. Proud Grandmother!

Having to make the best use of space, I have always been a fan of the air mattress, but discouraged with the quality and life of each one that I purchased…

Until now, I finally found some that beat the competition, hands down.

And the past few that I have purchased bring me to today! When I’ve created a website about air mattresses (specifically, about finding the most quality air mattress out there) for my family. I never would have thought of doing this but thought I’d help fellow budget oriented families find quality, affordable ones…

Anyway, a little trip down memory lane. But thanks for visiting my site and be sure check out the rest of the articles, there’s some good stuff there!


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